\ Future live distribution 🎥 /

🎸 I want to sell goods online along with the delivery of live performances without spectators

💝 I want to easily deliver performances at live houses and homes and get money

🎁 I want to live stream to members of the fan community

\ Bitfan Live meets the ideals of artists and fans /

Bitfan Live とは

\ 必要なのは撮影用のカメラと撮影用スタッフのみ /


ライブハウス以外にもさまざまなロケーションでのライブ配信が可能です。東京や大阪を中心に全国に拡大する Bitfan Live の提携ライブハウスであれば、よりスムーズにライブ配信を始められます。


What you can do

▶ ️ for live house 🎸

Demand for live streaming will continue in After Corona.

Would you like to send the sound space of the store to the world in real time ⁉︎

There are three types of live house tickets in the future: "advance sale", "same day", and "delivery"!

If you use the electronic ticket "Bitfan Pass", you can handle various types of ticketing.

Tickets can be sold for each artist even on multiple booking days .

▶ ️   for artists 🎤

It's okay if you have an internet environment at a live house, from your own room, or outdoors!

If you have one computer and a WEB camera, you can immediately perform live distribution for a fee.

After the live, you can also sell goods at the linked "Bitfan Store" .

If you create a fan community with Bitfan, you can easily hold members-only live performances!

▶ ️   for listener 🎧

With the chat function, you can send messages to artists, share your thoughts with friends, and enjoy live streaming in real time!

If you send a heart (throwing money) during the live, you can directly convey your enthusiasm and gratitude to the artist!


👛 Sales commission: 8% of the ticket price

👛 System fee: 220 yen

* In the case of a real event, it will be 4.8% of the ticket fee (no system fee).

Delivery system

Adopts Vimeo, which has a good reputation for video and sound quality

Archive distribution for a certain period is possible

There is no limit to the number of viewers! Can accommodate several to hundreds of thousands of people

Strong security that can limit viewing to customers who have purchased tickets

Click here to request delivery

▶ ️ How to start live distribution

Please feel free to apply using the form below.
* Please apply at least one week before the desired live distribution date.

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▶ ️ Those who would like to consult about live distribution

Please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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